Delvar Afzar Kish Oil Ltd. (DAKO) was founded in order to contribute towards the development of Irans vast energy resources. DAKO specializes in exploration, drilling, completion, exploitation, productionand E.O.R projects.

As a key private company in the field of local oil and gas upstream, we aim to expand our activities both in the Middle East region and worldwide. Based on our principle to achieve a potential position within the oil & gas upstream market and share new experience, know-how and technology, we are willing to enter into strategic partnership and joint venture with the aim to provide our customers with cost- and time-effective services.

Delvar Afzar Kish Oil intends to:
Turn into an international oil and gas company
Totally focus on upstream&downstream products value chain
Manage and execute all activities and operations related to exploration, development and production of oil and gas fields in Iran, Iran's neighboring countries,
Diversify the basket of its works and business

Perspective on the Skills of Human Workforce:

Delvar Afzar Kish Oil intends to:
Turn into a company whose employees feel proud of working for Petropars
Employ and maintain the best Iranian and international workforce
Be a role model from the point of view of quality, efficiency, health, safety and environment protection

An Explanation of Delvar Afzar Kish Oil Ltd. Strategies

1. Promotion of Capabilities of the Company's Directors and Managers
2. Promotion of Efficiency of the Processes Designed for Employment and Maintenance of Human Workforce
3. Enhancement of Sense of Commitment and Belonging Among Company's Employees
4. Consolidation of Systemic Infra-Structures (Software) as well as Organizational Infra-Structures (Procedures).
5. Management of Relations with the Company's Employer
6. Increase of Capital to Promote Company's Financial Credit
7. Diversification of Financing of Company's Project
8. Consolidation of Company's Financial System and Management of Projects' and Current Costs