Delvar Afzar Kish Oil Co. were founded to provide Engineering and Operational services for Oil and Gas Drilling projects in Iran and abroad.Considering the capabilities of our well experienced engineers and valuable technical knowledge of Engineering and Operation teams, DAKO is capable to provide the excellentrecruitment(Man Powering)& services in various disciplines including all branches of drilling engineering and drilling operation in both offshore and land projects to our clients.
Drilling and Completion

1. Drilling/Completion Program Management(Technical Analysis and Program Design-Total Regulatory Process-Operation Coordination-Budget and Business Plan Support)

2. Planning(Preliminary Cost Analysis-A.F.E. Preparation and Approval-Well Site Selection-Surveying)

3. Design)Drilling Programs/Completion Programs-Testing, Logging and Coring Requirements)

4. Implementation)Vendor Selection and Contracts-Purchasing and Logistics-Operations Management-Well Site Testing and Evaluation-Cost Control and Accounting)

Reservoir Development/Engineering

2. Geophysical 2D & 3D
3. Rock Mechanic Technology

4. Petrophysical Engineering(Design-Supervision-Interpretation)

5. Reservoir Engineering (Reservoir Characterization-Reservoir Evaluation-Reservoir Management-
Cost Estimate and Economical Analysis-MDP Preparation(

6. Operation Optimization(Well Bore Analysis-Remedial Well Workovers-Recompletion Potential-Inflow Performance Evaluations and Enhancement)

7. Production Technology (Down hole Design-Surface Equipment Design-Operational Procedures
Production Analysis(

8. Secondary and Tertiary Recovery Technology

9. Recompletion and Workovers)Well bore Audit-Remedial Program Design-Program Implementation)

10. Service/Construction Contracts)Preparation of Bid Documents-Bid Tenders-Bid Evaluations, Contract Awards, Logistics-Detail Negotiations)

11. Site Supervision)Onsite Supervision of Drilling, Completions, Testing-Production Assessment and Evaluation Activities-Construction Supervision-Logistics Program Implementation)

12. Operations and Maintenance Planning(Preparation of Procedures and Manuals-Staff Training
Logistics and Coordination) Project Development and Management

1. Project Development and Planning(Conceptual Design and Preliminary Engineering)

2. Project Management

2.1. Project Organization(Establishment of Management Philosophy-Design of Client Management Team-Initial Project Budgeting and Scheduling-Organizational Philosophy and Structure)

2.2. Engineering, Procurement and Construction (Design Team Organization and Approval Process-Design and Material Specifications-Bidding, Purchasing and Expediting-Controls and Inspections
Site Installation Management)

2.3. Project Control System(Costing and Scheduling-Accounting Procedures and Reporting Systems-Change Order Procedures)

2.4. Safety and Loss Management(Policies and Procedures-Reporting System-Program Implementation and Training)